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Lighting Repairs

Having lighting problems, flickering, could not turn it on or just upgrading to the latest LED lights for energy saving feel free to contact us.

Wiring Inspection

Electrical safety is important these days, if you are not sure about your wiring safety simply call us & we will come and check your wiring conditions.

Emergency Services

Weather is day or night our emergency mobile team is ready 24/7 to assist you in you electrical problems.

Electrical Installations

Congratulations you bought a house, now all you need is lights, fans, water heater, ac unit & etc.. Who to call?. Don't worry just give us a call and we will be there to help. .

Outlet Replacement

Most outlets will in time reach it limit lifespan & malfunctioned or you tech savvy guys want to add more power outlets for your gadgets, not to worry we are the experts for you..

General Maintenance

To maximize profits & reduce downtime you'll need all your equipment running smoothly, not to worry we provide maintenance services to let you have a peace of mind.

Electricians with years of experience

Premier Elite Development

We at Premier Elite Development understands that it is vital for individuals, SME & MNC to operate at total efficiency and improve your yield, we also know that you require maximum guarantee that you system is safe & reliable.

Armed with our 20 years of experience in electrical systems both installation & maintenance we are able to leverage our experience in providing reliability, quality workmanship & absolute peace of mind for your to focus on for the thing that matters the most; your Family & Businesses. 


"Premier Elite Development been taking care of my company for years. They make sure everything in the building works just fine. I trust them completely."

Mr. Wan Faiz

Mall Operation Manager

"I'm building a new house and Premier Elite Development did our electrical wiring, lights, even set up the security system. True professionals."

Mr. William Lim


"My client house had no electricity after being hit by lightning. I called Premier Elite Development in the middle of the night and they came immediately and fixed everything!"

Ms. Azizah Abdullah

Real Estate Agent

Leave the electrical work to the pros